Frequently Asked Questions

What are you doing to help prevent the spread of COVID-19?

We have always been committed to supporting cannabis patients and their right to safe, natural medicine. We understand that we have a moral and ethical obligation to do so responsibly, and with no negative impact in the community we serve. The detrimental impact of COVID-19 has affected all communities and businesses, and we are doing our best to do our part to help, simply by being responsible and compliant. We immediately took measures to protect staff and patrons by reducing occupancy and incentivized clients to pre-order online for express pick up.

Since the availability of PPE was so scarce, we converted our viewing windows into protective service windows, and installed service drawers and sneeze shields so that clients can pick up orders without staff potentially being exposed hundreds of times per day. California Department of Health spacing guidelines are followed, requiring a minimum of 6′ of space between patrons when there are lines.

Many of us are creatures of habit, who follow an important routine. We know that a change in routine can be uncomfortable and even unsettling. We loved serving our clients face to face and always appreciated a friendly handshake while we helped our community. While we certainly miss it, we feel that we are called to help in a different way for now – by ensuring that we are able to continue to serve, and that access to cannabis continues to be SAFE!

What makes The Kăna Company different
than other dispensaries?

The Kăna Company collectively have over 20 years of history and experience supporting the right to choose natural healing therapies through medicinal cannabis. Since The Compassionate Use Act, enacted November 5, 1996, the Founders of the Collective have worked to provide safe access to alternative medicine, initially working directly through the Sutter Aids Foundation, and American Cancer Society to reach out to patients in need of relief from pain and other symptoms related to terminal illnesses. We have invested many years providing safe access to medicinal cannabis, and have been pioneers supporting the evolution of the industry.

How do I join?

Medical Patients who are at least 18 years of age need a valid California ID or Drivers License and your original Doctor’s Authorization for the use of medicinal cannabis. We will need to verify your doctor’s authorization prior to your entry to the dispensary, and you will need to review and sign our Collective Agreement. New State regulations prevent us from allowing patients under the age of 18 inside the dispensary. Minors who are medical patients are now required to have a legal adult guardian (designated caregiver authorized by the doctor) come to purchase or pick up their cannabis. Adults 21 years of age and older who do not possess a medicinal cannabis card, may show valid/current Government Issued Drivers License or Passport to gain access and purchase cannabis. You will still need to be entered into our member database to join our club. We respect your privacy. We will never sell or distribute your information. It is only retained for ordering purposes.

What is the daily limit for Medical Cannabis Patients
and Adult Use Patrons?

Medicinal Cannabis Patients have received a physician’s authorization recommending cannabis for the treatment of a medical condition. Doctors may prescribe a specific amount appropriate for the patients needs which may exceed the State Limits for Adult Use. State Guidelines for Daily Limits for Medicinal Cannabis is as follows: 8 oz cannabis per day, 12 immature cannabis plants, and medibles have a cap of 200mg THC per edible, which must be micro-dosed in 10mg pieces or sections. State Guidelines for Adult Use: 28 grams non-concentrated cannabis, 8 grams concentrated cannabis (including contained in cannabis products), 6 immature cannabis plants.

Do your prices include tax?

Yes. For your convenience, the price you see is the TOTAL price you pay!

Do you take to go orders?

We are happy to take your order online! Simply sign up create a login on our website, view our menu, and we will have your order filled and ready for payment within 15 minutes! Stay tuned!

Do you take credit cards?

Currently we are unable to take credit card payments and accept cash only. We are working on it but please arrive prepared with cash as we do not currently have an ATM machine.

What’s your return policy?

To ensure that all products remain safe and sanitary, returns and exchanges on products that leave the dispensary room are not allowed. If an item has a manufacture defect, and returned full, we will gladly replace it.

Do you offer discounts?

We are truly grateful for the service and sacrifice of all military personnel.

To say “Thank you for your service” we offer a daily 10% discount on our already low prices!

We also offer a daily 10% discount for seniors over the age of 65.

Discounts cannot be combined with coupons or other specials.

Do you ship?

At this time shipping of medicinal cannabis is not allowed.

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